Apr 12

4 Steps To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

If your girlfriend broke up with you and you want to get her back, keep reading. Guess what? 9 times out of 10, if this happened it’s because you did something wrong. It can be a little tough for men to maintain relationships with women, but it is still quite possible with the right know how. You just need to figure out what happened to make you go off track so that you can get your ex girlfriend back.

Okay, so where did you go off track? Why did your ex girlfriend break up with you? When you are ready to get your ex girlfriend back, there are things that you really need to consider just like these. Some girls will tell you all of your faults in great detail while others won’t. When you are trying to figure out what you did wrong, don’t be afraid to ask her. This is a big step to learning how to get your ex girlfriend back because it will tell you what she thinks you need to do to make the necessary changes.

If she’s not telling you what you did wrong and you still want to get your ex girlfriend back, consider the following things:

1 – You may need to pay more attention to her if you want to get her back. Women don’t like it when you’re not paying enough attention to them. This really isn’t an unreasonable request on their part. It’s vital to every relationship that you give enough attention to your loved ones. You’ll score points with her by showing her that you can give her the attention she needs.

2 – Women have a different idea about emotional support than men. If you want to get your ex girlfriend back, you need to figure out what she’s looking for in terms of emotional support. She needs more than simply verbal affirmations, so buy her something nice to show her that you care about her. This is a great way to get the ball rolling when you want to get your ex girlfriend back.

3 – This shouldn’t require repeating, but apparently it’s necessary: Don’t cheat on her! Even if she’s cheated on you, or she’s been cheated on before, cheating on her will not help you get your ex girlfriend back. If you like sleeping with different women, you don’t deserve to get your ex girlfriend back, so don’t even bother.

4 – If you want to get your ex girlfriend back and you still live with her, show her you can help her keep the place nice. Pitch in with the housework and participate as much as you can to show her that you know how to be responsible and that you know how to show your love for her. Now I’m not saying that you need to become a maid or anything, but if you just clean up after yourself, you’ll be amazed by the change in her attitude.

When you are ready to get your ex girlfriend back, know that the process is not difficult. It may require some basic life changes, however, because you need to be mature and responsible, and you need to know how to show your love for her. Be loving, caring, responsible and respectful, and you may just get her back after all.

Girls, do you agree?  Guys, care to share your experiences?


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  1. Chris Park

    I have recently broken up with my girlfriend, which was not down to me, all her doing. It was a complete shock! Im still trying to get her back. Things just are not the same without her.

  2. Prieten

    I don’t understand the man ho try to regain the girlfriend back. Few years ago i have the same situation and i regain my girlfriend back but only to destroy her and i’m happy for this. thanks for tips. have a nice day

  3. JP

    I am in the same situation. my gf broke up with me and i knew it was coming really. I did the usual pleaded for forgiveness and then apologised. Apologies are good, but then it turned nasty from both sides. i let the dust settle for a while. NC doesnt always work, subtle messages to remind them you care is good.

    But i did the gift things and got a plain, but non-harsh response. this has been the most normal response yet so therefore some progression. but i really want her back. course it will take time, but if you want something then you have to try otherwise you just dont know.

  4. Jonathan

    My ex left me because I went to some of her bestfriends for advice on if i should break up with her or not, so her bestfriends told that i might break up with her so she broke up with me first. The reason i was considering breaking up with her was because she was talking to one of my bestfriends and called him cute.

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